Ilford SFX200 Film

This is a near-infrared film with sensitivity out to 750nm. The infrared look is most apparent if a strong low-pass filter, e.g. Hoya R72 or equivalent is used, however the effect is not as strong as with other films like IR820. It does make a great portrait film with a red filter; skin becomes glowing and marble-like.


See metering for infrared; the optimal ISO is approximately 3 with an R72 filter.

Using a red or R72 filter in conjunction with this film and a flash, the filter has the same filter-factor as it does against daylight, i.e. the flash output contains a similar relative IR content to daylight. That means you can shoot flash-lit portraits with this film and flash-meter readings (not taken through the filter) will be reasonably accurate if you add the filter factor manually.


This is a grainy film (even grainier than IR820!) with poor resolution and therefore benefits from a solvent developer like D76 or XTOL.


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