Pink Negatives

The pink (e.g. in Acros) is anti-halation dye and will wash out. Hypo Clearing Agent will speed the washing process somewhat but it's sufficient to just wash with water and continuous agitation until the colour is gone.

Some of the pink will come out in the fixer (it pours out pink) and then slowly fade over the course of about half an hour so that the fixer is probably clear again by the time you're ready to process another batch of film.

Purple Tri-X

Tri-X (400TX) has a tenacious purple anti-halation dye. Some developers (Rodinal) will strip it out more than others (D76) and fresher fixer will also strip a little more out. Extended washing seems to have little effect on the colour.

Cloudy Negatives

If your negatives are cloudy or brown-stained, they're underfixed.


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