Fujifilm Neopan Acros

Acros is a very smooth, fine-grained film most notable for its excellent long-exposure reciprocity performance. It requires no adjustment up to about 2 minutes and about 1/2 a stop between 2 and 16 minutes metered exposure. Net result is excellent night photography: exposure durations don't get silly long and contrast doesn't increase much.

Resolution is slightly better than Pan-F but not as good as TMX. It has a slightly up-swept curve (more highlight contrast) but nowhere near as dramatically as IR820. Its red sensitivity is relatively poor so it doesn't give dramatically dark skies with a red filter and can need a little more than the usual 3 stops correction with a Red-25.

While solvent developers produce very smooth results with this film, the grain is so fine that the solvent is not required. A non-solvent developer like Rodinal can produce very sharp, high-resolution images from this film without obtrusive grain.


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